From carbon nanotubes to an innovative material and filter

the asdorbent filter

The product that revolutionizes water treatment using nanotechnologies in the environmental field.
Based on carbon nanotubes, regenerable several times, with the possibility of recovering the adsorbed substance.
from carbon nanotubes to an innovative filter
Our filtrating material before and after synthesis

the product

From carbon nanotubes to an innovative material and filter

Water, despite being a renewable resource, today is limited. The water balance is negative because the consumption is faster than the recovery phase and the amount of polluted water tends to prevail over the primary one, so the reduction of consumption is not enough. Water treatment is one of the key points of the technological future since the demand for highly efficient products in purification is continuously increasing. The technology developed and patented has broken down the application barriers that until now have prevented the use of carbon nanotubes in the environmental field and responds to global needs such as water reuse, waste reduction and controlled waste management, especially if industrial. Our attention is focused on wastewater, which without any purification treatment would be wasted polluting the fragile ecosystem in which we live. We offer an innovative and sustainable product that puts a particular interest in the preservation and enhancement of environmental balance for a better quality of life.

value proposition

reasons to choose our filter

There are several reasons for using our adsorbent filter. Below you will understand why we are talking about a unique product of its kind.
flexibility of the filter


The filter adapts to various pollutants, such as oils, dyes, hydrocarbons etc.
efficiency of carbon nanotubes


High performances, and study of the materials, allow a very high efficiency.
integration of filter


The filter is easily adaptable to different types of production process.
the recovery of the adsorbed substances


The product, specially treated, allows the recovery of the pollutant.
the regeneration of the filter


Regeneration and reuse of the adsorbent material for multiple times.
the re-evaluation of the adsorbed substances


The pollutant treated with our filter passes from criticality to resource.

From carbon nanotubes to an innovative material and filter

Innovacarbon's patented technology makes it possible to recover pollutants, which from criticality become a resource. For each gram (1g) of Carbon Nanotubes supported by the proprietary filter, it is possible to recover different quantities of pollutants. Below is a quantity recovery scheme.
1 g
aromatic substances
1 mg
1 mg
organic substances
1 g
1 mg
industrial dyes

about the metod


The adsorbent filter is the product designed for all companies that need to purify industrial wastewater, contaminated by organic substances. The core of the technology consists of the adsorbent material of which it is composed, that is carbon nanotubes supported on inert material. This is one of the most interesting nanomaterials of recent years, which has shown excellent adsorption properties against certain substances such as dyes and hydrocarbons, improving the performance of purification compared to existing technologies on the market. What makes this product unique and highly innovative is the ability to regenerate the filter material and the recovery of the filtered pollutant.

To use the filter it's not necessary to pre-treat the water to be purified. The adsorbent material is flexible to multiple pollutants such as waste oils, hydrocarbons, polyphenols, industrial dyes, herbicides, pesticides, surfactants and others, abating them even if in small traces. It is easy to integrate into production processes thanks to its versatility of application even in pre-existing purification plants. The regeneration of the material occurs when the filter is saturated so that it can be reused for n cycles while maintaining its high performance. The recovery of pollutants, if requested by the customer, allows the reinsertion of the same in the production processes. These substances can go from being critical to being resources again.

from carbon nanotubes to an innovative filter
Respectively from left to right, pre and post-treatment of wastewater coming from washing water for plastic treatments

from carbon nanotubes to an innovativ filter

find out how it works

from carbon nanotubes to an innovative filter


companies we target

The filter could find application in the following sectors:
• The textile industry uses water a lot. Water is used to clean the raw material and for many flow stages during the entire production.
• The tanning industry is one of the oldest natural material processes. Tannery wastewater usually contains large quantities of organic pollutants, even with the presence of sulphides and chromium.
• Food companies for the processing of ready-to-use products use a high amount of water resources and therefore need to treat and purify waste water from the production cycle (eg. Pesticides, pesticides).
• The wastewater from the chemical and petrochemical industry has highly variable characteristics depending on the process and the production site (from clean water to highly toxic wastewater).
• Cleanup companies that carry out remediation operations by installing chemical-physical plants for the compliance of an area.
• Pharmaceutical companies need to purify production waste. With our filter they can also recover some active ingredients, reuse the process water and regenerate the containment tanks.

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