Web Marketing Festival 2019

In the three days of the Web Marketing Festival, held in Rimini on 20-21-22 June, Innovacarbon was ranked among the 6 finalists of the Startup Competition. A further goal, which qualifies the goodness of the work done in the realization of the innovative proprietary Adsorbent Filter. There have been numerous statements of esteem towards the company, widespread curiosity about the functioning of the products. In addition, other prizes were assigned to the present startups within the exhibition. And it is precisely in this context that Innovacarbon has reached awards:

- Fondazione Social Venture Giacomo dell’Amore’s prize, made under the Get it! program

- Special Prana Ventures’s prize,

- Rds’s prize

- Amazon Activate

This is joined by the immense pride of having had access to the finals of the biggest Italian festival of innovation, representing the only example of innovation in the Cleantech & Energy sector at the event. We are grateful to the supporters, to the partners of the event, and to all those who have shown interest in us.

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